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Looking to grow your social media empire? Need a lil help coping with the pressures of an online world? Would you like to increase your creativity, productivity and purpose on your platforms?


This Boost comes with everything you need to create a big social media impact: content trackers, creative prompts, space dedicated to organize and plan content on multiple platforms, social media audits, and support when you might feel overwhelmed.

  • 12 social media growth themed pages
  • 120+ unique, social media-themed stickers
  • Monthly follower tracker (covering 7 different social platforms)
  • Monthly space for shareable ideas
  • Monthly social goals
  • Monthly successful post tracker
  • Monthly optimal post time tracker
  • Weekly screen time check-in
  • Social Mission prompt
  • To-do list 
  • Inspiration space
  • Space to brainstorm collaborations
  • Prompts to understand & grow your online community 
  • Space to reflect on acts of kindness & positivity on social media 
  • Mental health check-ins
  • Full page to brainstorm content ideas
  • Space to reflect on what you love to share and what you want to share
  • Reminders to unplug and protect your energy while online
  • Full page to reflect on your content-creation-to-consumption ratio
  • 12 Month Planner (customizable start & end)
  • Magnetic page holder
  • Large & medium pockets
  • "Thank You Note to Self" with envelope
  • 350+ unique stickers
  • Magnetic front closure
  • Full month & week views
  • Laminated tabbed monthly sections 
  • Beautiful, gift-ready packaging 
  • Social Butterfly Self Funding Boost product front cover
    Social Butterfly Self Funding Boost product back cover
    Social Butterfly Self Funding Boost Product Layout
    Social Butterfly Self Funding Boost right hand page stickers and washi tapes
    Social Butterfly Self Funding Boost left hand page
    Social Butterfly Booster Sticker Sheets Square Self Funding

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