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We are a small, family-run business with a huge heart, and our mission is to care for you and the planet. That is why from day one, we’ve made it a priority to source sustainable materials and implement a manufacturing process that cares for individuals at each level of the supply chain. 

We aim to find ways to bring you superior products while looking after our environment, and although we can't promise perfection, we will always strive to do our best and be open to feedback.

By supporting our family brand, you are supporting a brand that cares. Below you can read more about our commitment to sustainability.


All the materials used in our planner’s manufacturing process are environmentally-friendly, from our vegan leather cover and ring binder made from recycled materials, to the FSC™ certified 120gsm premium acid-free recycled paper.

When you receive your Self Funding Planner, it will arrive carefully packed inside our FSC-certified, eco-friendly mailer box, together with only recycled packing paper. 

Remember to recycle all of our product packaging.

In a perfect world we would not need plastic for packaging. But we need to make sure that your products are not damaged during transportation. Therefore the bag that protects each planner is made from recycled plastic. When you receive an order from us, it will always be packed in shipping bags made of either recycled or biodegradable material. To ensure optimal sustainable effect, all packaging must be disposed of correctly.

The polybag for our Boost packing is made with recycled plastic and is recyclable.


Sustainability is a ‘whole company’ issue and fully supported by our founder and CEO. We consider the environmental impact of our business in everything we do including product development, manufacture, and usage. We use recycled materials and packaging, and where that isn’t an option, we use recyclable alternatives.  We contribute to tree planting and support urban reforestation.

We only work with certified manufacturers who can produce evidence of compliance with recognised international quality standards, including: SA8000®, FSC Certified (Forestry Stewardship Council), BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production). We also request evidence as required of their sustainable practices and materials, and provision of good working conditions and wages for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or religion.

Ensuring ethical, fair, and environmentally-friendly production is a continuous process. We constantly invest in making our production as green and environmentally friendly as possible, with our choice of materials and suppliers, so that we can minimize our waste, water consumption and carbon footprint. Part of this means staying up to date on sustainable and social initiatives that can help improve relationships for all the people involved in the process of developing our products. We always strive to make the most sustainable choices and it is our goal to always improve in everything that we do, so we always welcome feedback from you.

FSC Logo
Sourcing quality paper for our planner meant ensuring it was FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council™ is the hallmark of excellence in sustainable paper sourcing. When forests are properly managed, harvesting timber can be an effective way of safeguarding forests for future generations. That’s important given that forests support up to 1.6 billion of some of the world’s poorest people, as well as countless plant and animal species. 

Certified forests must meet a range of best-in-class standards, ensuring harvested trees are replanted or allowed to regenerate naturally. FSC™ also safeguards forest biodiversity and local communities. 


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