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A Note From Our Founder

Self Funding is based in Austin Texas
We are a female-founded, female-designed, and family-run business in Austin, TX.
I am so blessed to have a family who advocates for self-love and self-improvement, and who continues to support me every step of the way in bringing Self Funding products to life. 
As someone who has experienced negative body image and online bullying, it became my mission to advocate for mental health awareness, which is why I decided to design the Self Funding Planner to help address some of the most important aspects of one’s life. 
We had three thoughts in mind when building our Self Funding products: positivity, planning, and productivity. Every page of our planner and Boosts are thoughtfully crafted to create a positive, reflective, and motivational journey in getting organized and reaching your goals.
In fact, each Boost was inspired by my own life:

My pregnancy journey was one of the most life-changing, beautiful experiences I’ve ever been though, and we want to make it easy for other moms to record and cherish their own journeys. 

For those who want to start hitting the gym or building healthy habits, the Health + Fitness Boost will help you take your health to the next level, no matter where you’re at right now.

For anyone who doesn’t know where to start, the Financial Boost will help you discover how easy it is to understand money and reach your financial goals.

This one is close to my heart - the Self Care Boost is for anyone who wants to create some time and space to take care of themselves.

My content journey has been a long ride filled with ups and downs, so we provide guidance and clarity on your content strategy to help grow your account. No matter what platform you’re on or how many followers you have, you can use the Social Butterfly Boost.
You can easily place any of these Boosts (or all if you wish!) in your Self Funding Planner to help you reach the goals you’re most passionate about.
We are honestly SO excited for you to try out the planner and Boosts and can’t wait to hear about your experience.

Finally, don’t forget to follow us on our social channels (@SelfFundingPlanner) for tips & tricks, to stay up-to-date on product launches, giveaways, and more.


Iskra, Philip, and Baby AMP xoxo

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