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Drop this Boost in your Self Funding Planner to water your money tree!

Scoring on dating apps, but your credit looking less than desirable? Want to start investing but don't know where to start? How about becoming financially independent so that you can make that dream of traveling the world a reality?

Finance shouldn't be intimidating, exclusionary, or boring. That’s why we created a Financial Boost to help you break everything down so that you can understand cash flow, savings, investing, and your relationship with money. 

Filled with relevant prompts, activities, and of course, so many unique themed stickers! Great for anyone who is curious or passionate about financial wellness.

  • 12 monthly financial check-ins
  • 140+ unique, finance-themed stickers
  • Monthly savings goal
  • Monthly funds records 
  • Prompts to reflect on your financial goals & how you earn money
  • Space to share your emotional history with money
  • Prompts to understand your career & how you value money 
  • Visual aids to break down how you feel about money
  • Prompts on how you contribute to the world 
  • 2 full pages to break down your credit score & how to improve 

Self Funding and its owners, employees, agents, and representatives provides the Financial Boost for informational purposes only. The Financial Boost is not a replacement for a certified financial advisor, analyst, or accountant. By using this product, you agree to hold Self Funding harmless from any ramifications, financial or otherwise, that occur to you as a result of acting on information found on this product.



  • 12 Month Planner (customizable start & end)
  • Magnetic page holder
  • Large & medium pockets
  • "Thank You Note to Self" with envelope
  • 350+ unique stickers
  • Magnetic front closure
  • Full month & week views
  • Laminated tabbed monthly sections 
  • Beautiful, gift-ready packaging
Self Funding Planner Boost Product with Wrapper
Self Funding Finance Boost Back cover
Self Funding Finance Boost product layout
Finance Self Funding Boost in Planner double page spread
Finance Self Funding Boost in Planner Left Hand Page
Finance Boost Sticker Sheets Square Self Funding

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