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Benefits of a Physical Planner (no matter how much you love Google Cal)

Weekly planner view in January filled out with stickers
Today, going digital in almost every aspect of our lives makes sense - whether that's music, taking photos, or sending messages.

But some things, such as planning or note taking, are still debatable. Which planner is better: physical or digital?

Every person as different needs, but here we share some of the benefits of a physical planner, such as the Self Funding Planner.

Firstly, a physical planner requires you to write things down, increasing the likelihood of actually doing what you write down day-to-day, as well as long-term goals: especially when the planner is specifically designed to guide you through these, like Self Funding Planner is.

Alongside any to-do's and dreams, physical planners allow you to highlight, draw, and add stickers by hand, meaning you can make it look exactly how you want (and change it up if you feel like it!)

p.s. The Self Funding Planner and Bullet Journal both come with hundreds of unique stickers + cute accessories.

Once completed, there's a satisfaction in crossing out what you've accomplished!

Disconnecting from technology is also good for mental health, so switching over to paper & pen will surely provide some quality screen-free time.

Many people point out that digital planners are easier to update. However, this isn't necessarily true if you have the right tools when creating your planner spread. Let us know if you struggle and want a blog about this!

Finally, physical planners can be used for daily reflection, creativity, and self care. Most digital planners simply focus on what you have to do, but the Self Funding Planner also allows you to check in with yourself every day, week, and month.

Both the Self Funding Planner and Bullet Journal Gift Set are undated, meaning you can start any time of year!

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