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12 Goals, 1 Year: You Got This!

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You might've heard that the optimal number of goals to set is 2-3. You've definitely never heard of anyone tell you to set 12 goals at the beginning of the year because, well, chances are it will be *very* hard to successfully tackle 12 goals at once.

But what if you really do have more than 2-3 goals, perhaps 5-6 or even 10-12 goals...

The solution is to write them all down, and work on only one per month. Write each of them down on a separate piece of paper, and tuck them away into an envelope, each one labeled with a month of the year. These can fit in the pockets of your Self Funding Planner, where you can easily find them later on.

This gives you the comfort of knowing all of your goals can be accomplished this year, and helps you break them down if you're overwhelmed. For example, if you hope to save $1,000 in 2023, you can definitely set your January goal to save $300, February $300, and March $400. And then if you hope to run a mile under 10 minutes this year, your April goal can be to run it under 12 minutes, and your May goal to run it under 10 minutes.

Let us know if you're interested in a course or workshop to help you break down your goals long term!

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